Down Under with Buck, Cadbury and Oreo

Saatchi Cadbury and Oreo | STASH MAGAZINE

Buck‘s Sydney and US animation crews team up to combine two chocolatey snacks, hyper-active emoji’s and an infectious pop song to make this 80-second Australian adventure for Cadbury’s new Dairy Milk with Oreo bar eminently watchable. [Read more]

Loop and El Grand Camacho Rock Garorock

Gararock Festival | STASH MAGAZINE

Check this impossible-to-ignore animated spot from Moscow motion house Loop and Mexican character designer El Grand Camacho for the massive Garorock music fest taking over rural Marmande in south-western France this summer.
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CalArts 2016: “You Look Scary” and “Desert Critters”


The bumper crop of student films from the 2016 CalArts Character Animation program includes “You Look Scary” by Xiya Lan and “Desert Critters” by Li Wen Toh – both demonstrate outstanding storytelling talents while using fully divergent styles, techniques and narrative structures. [Read more]

Supamonks Launch “Stone Age” onto Mobile

Netmarble_Stone Age | STASH MAGAZINE

Supamonks, the French animation crew responsible for 2014’s infamous Holypop film, are back with another off-the-rails 3D rampage. Although far more PG than the carnage-filled Holypop, this launch spot for the mobile version of Netmarble’s popular PC game Stone Age is a feast for lovers of quick and clever character action. [Read more]

Amaël Isnard: Royal Observatory “Seeing the Invisible”

Royal Observatory "Seeing the Invisible" | STASH MAGAZINE

The standout in a series of three films created by Beakus director Amaël Isnard for the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London, “Seeing the Invisible” is a master class in how to make educational content entertaining, digestible and therefore memorable. [Read more]

UNICEF’s “Sofia” Speaks for 250 Million Children

Edelman Sofia | STASH MAGAZINE

Meet Sofia, a 3D amalgam of 500 actual children trapped in crisis situations all over the planet, their faces merged into a scared and vulnerable young girl created for UNICEF Sweden by Stockholm agency Edelman Deportivo and Swedish VFX facility Pixel Grinder. [Read more]