Zombie Adds Character to Cafe Joyeux’s Inclusive Mission

Using a tactile mix of stop-motion and CG, Zombie Studio reveals the social and societal challenges faced by people with mental and cognitive disabilities for Café Joyeux whose restaurants offer an “inclusive workplace for extraordinary people”. [Watch]

Stash issue 164 | STASH MAGAZINE
Naraka Bladepoint Asian Games Zombie Studio Final Frontier | STASH MAGAZINE

Zombie Studio and Final Frontier Mash It Up for Naraka: Bladepoint and the Asian Games

Zombie Studio director Paulo Garcia rallies a massive team and a dynamic mix of CG characters, Chinese-style ink animation, paper stop-motion, and live-action for this film that premiered before the 2023 Asian Games. [Watch]

Vivo x90 Spot by Zombie and Final Frontier | STASH MAGAZINE

Vivo x90’s Nocturnal Talents Shine in New Spot by Zombie and Final Frontier

Director Paulo Garcia and Brazilian animation force Zombie Studio (who crafted this holiday classic for Doritos), apply their CG character and lighting skills to a duet of aging felines for the Vivo x90 phone thru Shanghai agency KARMA. [Watch]

Doritos “Dia De Los Muertos” by Zombie Studio and Final Frontier

Released as part of Doritos’ #PrideAllYear campaign, this animated heartwarmer from director Paulo Garcia at Zombie Studio in São Paulo reveals a family secret that Alberto, a beloved brother and uncle, has taken to the afterlife. [Watch]

Zombie Studio Final Frontier Asia | STASH MAGAZINE

Zombie Studio Joins Final Frontier Roster in Asia

From the release:Zombie Studio has officially joined the Final Frontier roster in Asia following numerous successful collaborations [Watch]