ESPN "One App, One Tap" by Diego Berakha and 1stAveMachine Buenos Aires | STASH MAGAZINE

ESPN “One App, One Tap” by Diego Berakha and 1stAveMachine Buenos Aires

Working thru California agency Butler Shine Stern & Partners, director Diego Berakha and the crew at 1stAveMachine in Buenos Aires mash together live-action and a slew of animation and design styles for this phase two promo of the ESPN app. [Read more]

1stAveMachine Buenos Aires EP Sabrina Elizondo | STASH MAGAZINE

1stAveMachine Buenos Aires Adds EP Sabrina Elizondo

From the release: Following the partnership between 1stAveMachine and TRONCO to launch 1stAveMachine Buenos Aires, the new company has expanded its leadership team with the addition of Executive Producer Sabrina Elizondo. [Read more]

Not To Scale Appoints Eve Ehrich as EP for US Office | STASH MAGAZINE

Not To Scale Appoints Eve Ehrich as EP for US Office

From the release: Eve Ehrich is an Executive Producer with over two decades of experience spanning commercial, broadcast, film, digital, and print projects. She brings a focus on talent and creative strategy to her role as EP as well as a passion and enthusiasm for producing innovative work. [Read more]

Eric Lane and Corey Langelotti at Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Lane and Langelotti Become Creative Directors at Hornet

From the release: The Hornet team keeps growing. The latest developments include joint promotions of Eric Lane and Corey Langelotti to Creative Director roles. [Read more]

Dez Stavracos and Karen Lawler at Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Hornet Ups Dez Stavracos, Brings in Karen Lawler

From the release: Hornet announced today two exciting team movements within the organization. Karen Lawler, formerly of Psyop and Blacklist, joins as Head of Production. Meanwhile, Dez Stavracos becomes Hornet’s first-ever Production Supervisor. [Read more]

Back Market Brings Tech to the People by Maxime Bruneel | STASH MAGAZINE

Maxime Bruneel “Brings Tech to the People” for Back Market

From the release: Eddy and 1stAveMachine are proud to present a new series of films made by Maxime Bruneel for Back Market, the reconditioned electronic devices start-up. [Read more]