Behind the Scenes on Tigrelab’s Modern Collage Techniques for Penhaligon

Join the crew at Tigrelab in Barcelona as they reveal how leveraging Stable Diffusion and Unreal Engine helped push the timeless technique of collage animation into the present for British perfume brand Penhaligon. [Watch]

The Beatles vs The Stones animated short film Dog & Rabbit | STASH MAGAZINE

Dog & Rabbit Stages The Beatles vs The Stones Album Art Smackdown

After a blisteringly successful run on the festival circuit, the playful minds at Dog & Rabbit in London have released their cheeky take on a faux-feud between the UK’s two biggest bands into the wilds of the internet. [Watch]

Goo Goo Dolls Run all night Music Video | STASH MAGAZINE

Dedo Ciego and Brut “Run All Night” in Goo Goo Dolls Music Video

From the team at Brut in Barcelona: “The brand new single ‘Run All Night’ by the four-time Grammy-nominated rock band Goo Goo Dolls is a powerful ballad about rebirth, transformation, and empowerment. We crafted a beautiful combination of mixed media imagery that truly catches its spirit.” [Watch]

Ruffmercy Elektron Analog Heat +FX launch film | STASH MAGAZINE

New Ruffmercy Film Roughs Up Elektron’s Analog Heat +FX Box

Few motion artists have a style as distinctive as Ruffmercy and in a time when design often feels homogenous, new work from the UK director/animator – such as this film for Swedish musical instrument developer Elektron – is a refreshing thing. [Watch]

My-Galactic-Twin-Galaction-Short-Film-Sasha-Svirsky | STASH MAGAZINE

Enter the Perfectly Strange World of Sasha Svirsky’s “My Galactic Twin Galaction” Short Film

Russian director/artist Sasha Svirsky, who originally graduated as a painter and then taught himself animation, just released his wonderfully eccentric, multi-award-winning short film “My Galactic Twin Galaction” online. [Watch]

World Cup 2022 BBC Opening Titles Studio Something | STASH MAGAZINE

Studio Something Opens the 2022 World Cup on BBC

The 2022 World Cup finally kicked off today in Qatar with BBC’s coverage preceded by this boisterous motion sequence designed by Edinburgh’s Studio Something to celebrate the rhythms of the game. [Watch]

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