Moncler-x-Adidas-Directors-Cut-by-Steelworks | STASH MAGAZINE

Steelworks Scales the Peaks of Fashion in Spec Brand Film

CDs Nidia Dias and Miguel Rato lead the Steelworks CG team in a dramatic merger of urban and mountain fashion in this sleek and visually kinetic in-house brand film. [Watch]

Microsoft Planner product film by Bark&Bite | STASH MAGAZINE

Bark&Bite Schedule Delight into Microsoft Planner

The best software explainer films transform the mundane details of everyday tasks into a series of delightful moments, treading a fine line between visual engagement and coherence. Bark&Bite’s new work for Microsoft Planner does just that. [Watch]

Ford Mustang GTD spot by ManvsMachine | STASH MAGAZINE

ManvsMachine Muscles Up for the Ford Mustang GTD

The Ford Mustang GTD supercar (800+ HP, $325,000) made its IRL debut at Le Mans on the weekend with the ManvsMachine crew providing back-up with this supercharged CG glimpse at the most powerful street-legal Mustang ever. [Watch]

Tendril Unfolds Elegant Fantasy for the Huawei Pocket 2

The geometric fantasy world of Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen comes to life with tasteful restraint in this product film for the Huawei Pocket 2 phone that “remaps and redefines the boundaries between technology, art and fashion.” [Watch]

Clim-Studio-for-Roger-&-Gallet | STASH MAGAZINE

Sophisticated Happiness: Clim Studio for Roger & Gallet

Founded in 1862, venerable French perfume brand Roger & Gallet looks anything but its age in this series of effervescent new spots from Clim Studio in Barcelona crafted to “exude joy and sophistication”. [Watch]

Ricola commercial by Trizz Studio FUSE Create | STASH MAGAZINE

Trizz Studio Keeps it Sweet and Gooey for Ricola

Teaming with Toronto agency FUSE Create, the crew at Barcelona’s Trizz Studio whip up a swirling elixir of CG gooiness showcasing the ingredients (honey, caramel, and Swiss herbs) that go into Ricola Throat Balm lozenges. [Watch]