Duncan Elms and Friends Open Camp Mograph Australia

Duncan Elms, best known as the prolific CD at Elastic in Los Angeles, gathers a troop of 14 collaborators for this elaborate sequence that opened the most recent Camp Mograph, a three-day creative sleep over in the wilds of Brisbane, Australia. [Watch]

Arc'teryx brand film by FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

FutureDeluxe Scales the Heights of R&D for Arc’teryx

In case you need reminding that CG motion design is in the midst of an R&D golden age, take a peek at the extensive process reel behind this brand film by the team at FutureDeluxe for Canadian outdoor apparel brand Arc’teryx. [Watch]

Juan Behrens and Kingdom of Something Set the Stage for Digital Design Days 2024 in Milan

The all-Amsterdam team of CD Juan Behrens and studio Kingdom of Something (responsible for this motion frivolity), just dropped the trailer for the 8th edition of Digital Design Days, the much-loved celebration of creativity in Milan. [Watch]

Coke Spiced Launch by MAMMAL and Momemtum | STASH MAGAZINE

MAMMAL and Momentum Launch Coke Spiced IRL in NYC

Aiming to immerse visitors in a “journey of synesthesia”, the design and animation team at MAMMAL in Atlanta smash together an array of motion styles for Coca-Cola’s House of Spice experiential launch thru agency Momentum Worldwide. [Watch]

Found Studio Samsonite EVOA-Z product film | STASH MAGAZINE

Lost and Found: New Brand Film for the Samsonite EVOA-Z

Working with Singapore prodco Six Toes, the CG mavens at Found in London sculpt an elegant and minimalist brand film highlighting the features and finishes of Samsonite’s EVOA-Z carry on and positioning it as a work of art. [Watch]

Futhark Studios Need for Speed Most Wanted Trailer Remake | STASH MAGAZINE

Futhark Studios Has a Need for Speed in “Most Wanted” Game Trailer Remake

Futhark Studios, who hit the Stash radar with this CG product film earlier this year, reveals the thinking and process behind the studio’s first passion project, a visceral ode to street racing inspired by memories of a certain 2005 game trailer. [Watch]