Simon Landrein: McBess “MLX”

Possibly NSFW, depending where you work. Nicely twisted, no matter where you work. [Watch]

Chong Super Magic Hat Sleepless | STAHS MAGAZINE

Waking Up to Super Magic Hats “Sleepless”

Melbourne animator/illustrator/designer Tessa Chong re-teams with London illustrator/animator Lee Arkapaw for another blissfully dreamy Super Magic Hats music video, this one’s called “Sleepless” from the new album Wish. [Watch]

Book of Everyone matt abbiss | STASH MAGAZINE

Matt Abbiss: Book of Everyone 2

Director Matt Abbiss: “Second Short made for the Book of Everyone.” Animation: Matt Abbiss Sound by Aaron Lampert.   [Watch]

Behold Issue 124 of the Stash Permanent Collection

Stash 124 gathers another 31 outstanding motion projects plus behind-the-scenes features and exclusive interviews into the Stash Permanent Collection, the planet’s largest online video library of design, animation, and VFX. [Watch]

Blinkink_Epic Fail | STASH MAGAZINE

Greg Barth “Epic Fail”

Director Greg Barth in London: “Epic Fail is a cautionary tale about social media, disconnected politics and a mistrustful and divided society – an avant-garde essay that questions how we perceive truth, information and politics, seen through the dual lenses of our real and virtual identities. “Moved by the political events that shook 2016, the […] [Watch]

Gabe Askew_Dolby Prime | STASH MAGAZINE

Dolby Labs “Prime” by Hornet Director Gabe Askew

“This is actually the fourth and final part in a series of films commissioned by Dolby Labs for their amazing gallery space in San Francisco. “Gabe Askew has long collaborated with the musician duo Hays + Ryan Holladay who were responsible for putting the series together. They leveraged the new Dolby Atmos technology to create […] [Watch]