Tencent-Legends-Live-Forever-Brand-Film-Nerdo | STASH MAGAZINE

Tencent “Legends Live Forever” Brand Film by Nerdo

Working with Stink Studios and Final Frontier, Italian studio Nerdo summons their illustrative and narrative talents for this revival of seven legends from Chinese mythology for a literary initiative between Tencent and Yuewen group. [Watch]

Malaysia-CocaCola-Collectors-Fair-Mafex-Tay | STASH MAGAZINE

Malaysia Coca-Cola Collectors Fair 2022 Promo Film by Mafex Tay

Mafex Tay, motion designer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: “This is a video specially crafted for the 10th annual Malaysia Coca-Cola Collectors Fair. As part of the fair community, I have been given the opportunity to work on this piece with no restrictions. [Watch]

Erste believeinchristmas Holiday Ad Dorian Daniel and AbleBaker | STASH MAGAZINE

Erste #believeinchristmas Holiday Ad by Dorian & Daniel and Able&Baker

Berlin-based directing duo Dorian & Daniel, who crafted this powerful climate change message for Erste earlier this year, take over the Austrian bank’s Christmas ad duties with a dark but hopeful stab at tyranny. [Watch]

11 Shots titles HBOMax MonoGrafo | STASH MAGAZINE

MonoGrafo Opens Soccer True Crime Series “11 Shots” on HBOMax

Cristina González, head of production at MonoGrafo Studio in Madrid, Spain: “11 shots is a true crime TV series on HBOMax that takes place in the world of soccer. [Watch]

Job-Joris-and-Marieke-Kids-Series-SWOP | STASH MAGAZINE

Job, Joris & Marieke Release Trailer for Their New Kid’s Series “SWOP”

Oscar-nominated Dutch animation studio Job, Joris & Marieke just released the trailer for their new kid’s show SWOP, a 12 x 10′ episode series based on their International Emmy-winning short film Kop Op. [Watch]

Bea Holler Klimax Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Bea Höller Explores Female Sexuality in “Klimax” Short Film

Produced as part of her animation studies at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany, director Bea Höller says her short film Klimax is “meant to show how unique and beautiful every woman’s body is.” [Watch]