Please Call Me Champ Conjures Typographic “Chaos” for Commvault

LA motion designer Champ Panupong Techawongthawon, whose work for Mezmo we featured in Stash 160, is back with another impossible-to-ignore brand film – this time in concert with John Mcneil Studio for cyber security firm Commvault. [Watch]

Substnc Tech-Infused Menswear for Shaping New Tomorrow | STASH MAGAZINE

Sub.stnc® Showcases Tech-Infused Menswear for Shaping New Tomorrow

Danish menswear brand Shaping New Tomorrow takes their first steps into 3D with three sleek and minimalist films from the motion design crew at sub.stnc® in Malmo, Sweden, and animator Federico Piccirillo. [Watch]

ManvsMachine Summits the Peak for the Moncler RE/ICONS Collection

The design and motion team at ManvsMachine embark on a dramatic expedition into the Karakoram mountain range in Kashmir with agency WeSayHi in this brand film for Italian luxury outerwear brand Moncler. [Watch]

Vucko Cultivates a Motion Ecosystem for Tidal | STASH MAGAZINE

Vucko and Hornet Cultivate a Motion Ecosystem for Tidal

Working with Hornet, Andrew Vucko and his motion team in Toronto craft a clean, kinetic, and modular new motion identity for premium music streaming platform Tidal to work across the breadth of the brand as well as in future campaigns. [Watch]

Alan Warburton Ponders the Wonder and Panic of Generative AI in New Documentary

London artist, animator, and video essayist Alan Warburton parses the issues surrounding the use and ramifications of generative AI in this thoughtful documentary with most of the footage created with the tools under discussion. [Watch]

Palomino Opens Samsung SAFE Forum 2023 | STASH MAGAZINE

Palomino Opens Samsung SAFE Forum 2023 With Spot-On Title Sequence

Newly arrived on the Stash radar, the motion crew at Palomino in Seoul tackle the challenge of brightening up Samsung’s annual global semiconductor forum with a spirited and playful CG title sequence. [Watch]

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