Verkkokauppa commercial by Boutique | STASH MAGAZINE

Boutique’s Very Vaporwave Vehicle for

In their latest work for Finnish online retailer, the crew at Helsinki animation studio Boutique borrows inspiration from Ash Thorp and the TRON franchise to build out a neon fantasy world. [Watch]

Algo Figma Plug | STASH MAGAZINE

Algo x Figma = Plug-in Motion Fun

The team at motion and data-visualization studio Algo in Torino, Italy, just dropped us the jaunty promo film for their new Figma plug-in, a tool built to “help design teams create on-brand videos inside a tool they’re already familiar with.” [Watch]

Puma Future 7 Football Boot by Redot Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Redot Studio Unleash the Puma Future 7 Football Boot

New on the Stash radar this morning, Redot Studio in Paris lace up a rampage of mixed media to intro the features and benefits of Puma’s new Future 7 football boot plus the promise that “The future fits different”. [Watch]

Red-Cross-Neutrality-spot-by-Noma-Bar-and-Dutch-Uncle | STASH MAGAZINE

Noma Bar Simplifies “Neutrality” for the Red Cross

Dutch Uncle director/illustrator Noma Bar, whose powerful work for NY Presbyterian hospital graced the cover of Stash 116, applies his signature minimalist design and delightful transitions to this “Neutrality” spot for the Red Cross. [Watch]

Nike LeBron 19 Play Smooth film by Ditroit | STASH MAGAZINE

Ditroit Pile On and “Play Smooth” for Nike’s LeBron 19

In a departure from the exacting style we most recently saw in their Hublot Full Carbon film, Italian CG specialists Ditroit let loose with a tower of cushiony chaos, a cheeky metaphor for the “Play Smooth” power of Nike’s LeBron 19 shoe. [Watch]

Found Studio INVISIBLE short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Found Studio Makes the Invisible Visible in New Short Film

In a meditative six-minute deconstruction of their R&D-based design process, CD Clayton Welham and the team at Found Studio in London build an exhibition of digital art to “explore what sensation, feeling, and emotion might look like.” [Watch]