“Fetch” Looping Short Film by Nomographic

Join London studio Nomographic for an endless encounter with the space-time continuum as an otherwise innocent man triggers a cycle of head trauma and confusion playing fetch with his dog in a park.

Matt Schönborn, creative director at Nomographic in London: “The challenge here was to make an engaging piece of content that could be watched repeatedly, and which capitalizes on Instagram’s natively looping video player.

“The idea was to blur the lines of the start and the end of the animation to keep the viewer watching the endless loop of misfortune for the protagonist.

“Our BTS shows the work that went into the creation of the piece and it highlights our approach to 3D sculpting, art direction, animation, compositing, lighting, and sound design, which all add up to a satisfying interpretation of a dog walker’s purgatory or ‘Groundhog Day’.”

Watch the making-of video:

Production: Nomographic
Team: Matt Schönborn, Josh Thurston, Dave Casson

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