History Channel Mountain Men “Nature’s Thread” broadcast promo | STASH MAGAZINE

Following “Nature’s Thread” for Mountain Men

LA prodco/design house Roger and the CG crew at Lunar Animation in the UK weave together an obsessively detailed CG promo for History Channel’s “Mountain Men.” [Read more]

DixonBaxi_History_rebrand | STASH MAGAZINE

DixonBaxi Unveils Global Rebrand for History Channel

UK design mavens DixonBaxi wrap a six-month quest to reinvent A+E’s History Channel while developing “a potent new brand strategy and comprehensive design language that challenges what the brand is.” [Read more]

Rama Allen and The Mill: “Vikings”

Director Rama Allen and DP Khalid Mohtaseband lead The Mill crew on an epic voyage to open the History Channel’s gritty drama series “Vikings,” handling concept art, production, edit, compositing and final grade in house.

Rama Allen: “Ritual. Supernature. Memory. Visions. Salt. Gold. Smoke. Sex. Metal. Blood. Gods. Fire. Death. Honor. Family and the Sea…. are all Viking themes we drew from. To develop the sequence we sought the haunting, ancient, fearsome and visceral part of us. [Read more]

Artist: Steve Yasin Studios: Flux71, EdgeWorkx Info: EdgeWorkx called on Flux71 to develop a style frame or two that could give a dramatic look and feel to History Channel’s show “Underwater Universe.” The show is essentially about 7 places that epitomize humanity’s troubled relationship with the watery world. [Read more]