NexCell Nature x Future Product Film JL Design Computerface | STASH MAGAZINE

JL Design and Computerface Merge “Nature x Future” in NexCell Product Film

From the team at JL Design in Taipei, Taiwan: “Nature x Future is the core idea in this film explaining NexCell’s new manufacturing process substituting traditional chemical foaming with physical foaming, a process that is 100% recyclable and has zero waste.” [Watch]

Gogoro What Can You Do With a Little Energy | STASH MAGAZINE

Gogoro “What Can You Do With a Little Energy?” by Finger and Toe and Nulls Design

From the team at Finger and Toe studio in Taiwan: “In collaboration with the 3D team at Nulls Design, we created the animation for Gogoro’s latest scooter launch!

Bank of Culture Carrier of Time promo by Children Chiu | STASH MAGAZINE

“Carrier of Time” Promo for Taiwan National Treasure Exhibition by Children Chiu

Children Chiu: “Time is a river, carrying light moving forward, continuously shaping who we are everyday. The shadows of time are the accumulation of our history and culture. [Watch]

Very Crazy Works by Mixcode | STASH MAGAZINE

“Very Crazy Works” Event Promo by MixCode

When their branding pitch for a local design event in Taipei, Taiwan was rejected by the client, Mixcode Studio went ahead and finished the work anyway – creating an array of promotional assets including this blast of motion insanity. [Watch]