Snooze animated GIF by Markus Magnusson | STASH MAGAZINE

“Snooze” by Animator and GIF Master Markus Magnusson

Another bang-on insight into the rhythms of daily life from Mr. Magnusson. It makes you smile because you know it’s true. [Watch]

The Endless Loop of “Freelance Life” by Markus Magnusson

Markus Magnusson: “‘Freelance Life’ is part of my tutorial on “Secondary Motion inside After Effects” which you’ll find here: [Watch]

Yule Log 2.015 | STASH MAGAZINE

Yule Log 2.015: That Burning Holiday Desire

At 9:30pm on Christmas eve 1966, New York TV station WPIX debuted a three-hour program comprised of a single 17-second, 16 millimeter looped clip of the Gracie Mansion fireplace with carols as a soundtrack. Then… [Watch]