Corona The History of ‘La Cerveza Más Fina’ by Nexus Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Corona “La Cerveza Más Fina” – History in the Making

Watch how director Nicolas Ménard and the Nexus crew teamed with model master Andy Gent to craft an obsessively detailed stop-motion journey through the 90-year history of Corona Beer and Mexico. [Read more]

Random Acts_Wednesday Goddard | STASH MAGAZINE

Nicolas Ménard on Making “Wednesday with Goddard”

In his latest animated short, “Wednesday with Goddard,” Nexus designer/director Nicolas Ménard pairs realistic pencil illustrations by his wife Manshen Lo with his own simple, geometric characters and compositions. [Read more]

Nicolas Ménard “Loop Ring Chop Drink”

Montreal graphic designer Nicolas Ménard moved to London in 2012 to complete an MA in animation at the Royal College of Art where he created this darkly comic animated mini-masterwork called “Loop Ring Chop Drink 2014” which just completed a successful festival run. [Read more]

Nicolas Menard_Jack Black | STASH MAGAZINE

Jack Black Comes Clean about Farah, Journey and Not Surfing

Intimate and funny first person peek into the very SoCal childhood of Jack Black by Montreal’s graphic artist/animator/director of the moment Nicolas Ménard. With sponsorship from Google Play, California Sunday Magazine commissioned the clip as part of their “California Inspires Me” project. [Read more]

Nicolas Ménard and Nexus “Illuminate” Tourist

Nexus director/graphic artist Nicolas Ménard takes on the “Illuminate” track from UK producer Tourist as his first music video assignment, animating a flat graphic treatment inspired by Japanese graphic artist Yuichi Yokoyama and retro games X and 3D World Runner.

Nicolas Ménard: “It’s been a real blast to direct Tourist’s Illuminate music video. Not only because it’s such a playful, awesome sounding track, but also because Will was keen to jump straight into the weird abstract universe I’d suggested. Everything was animated frame by frame in Photoshop, with some slight compositing in After Effects, and the editing in Premiere.”

Watch Nicolas Ménard’s brilliant short film “Somewhere.” [Read more]

Menard_Somewhere | STASH MAGAZINE

Nicolas Ménard Rockets You to “Somewhere”

Nicolas Ménard, a graphic designer from Montreal, moved to London last year to complete an MA in animation at the Royal College of Art where he drew inspiration for this striking short film from his homesickness and the ongoing breakup with the girlfriend he left behind. “When I arrived in London I had this constant, weird [Read more]