Imaginary Forces Opens Rise of the Pink Ladies on Paramont Plus | STASH MAGAZINE

Imaginary Forces Opens “Rise of the Pink Ladies” on Paramount+

From the team at Imaginary Forces: “IF created the main title for the Grease prequel series, Rise of the Pink Ladies which hits Paramont+ 45 years after the culture-shifting feature film hit the big screen. [Watch]

MISTER Opens Last King of the Cross on Paramount+ | STASH MAGAZINE

MISTER Opens “Last King of the Cross” on Paramount+

Sydney 3D motion design studio MISTER sets an ominous and foreboding tone for the new Australian crime drama Last King of the Cross (based on the autobiography of nightclub owner John Ibrahim) on Paramount+. [Watch]

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Teaser by State | STASH MAGAZINE

“Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” Teaser by State

From the team at Paramount Plus: “To launch the latest Star Trek series on Paramount+, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, we tasked the great minds at State to help us tease the worlds the viewers will be visiting.” [Watch]