Hispano Suiza Carmen FILFURY Untold Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

FILFURY and Untold Studios Electrify Spanish Car Brand Hispano Suiza

The boldness and drama of the all-electric Carmen coupe from Spanish luxury automotive brand Hispano Suiza come to riveting life in this mix of CG and stylized live-action directed by FILFURY and produced by Untold Studios. [Watch]

MISTER Opens Last King of the Cross on Paramount+ | STASH MAGAZINE

MISTER Opens “Last King of the Cross” on Paramount+

Sydney 3D motion design studio MISTER sets an ominous and foreboding tone for the new Australian crime drama Last King of the Cross (based on the autobiography of nightclub owner John Ibrahim) on Paramount+. [Watch]

Stash 146 video preview video | STASH MAGAZINE
Stargate Fan Art Titles by Mike Williamson | STASH MAGAZINE

Re-Opening “Stargate” with New Fan Art Titles

With the MISTER studio in Sydney closed for 10 days between Christmas and New Year, CD Mike Williamson grabbed the time to create a personal project and revisit his childhood love of Roland Emmerich’s 1994 sci-fi classic “Stargate”. [Watch]

NODE 2019 Opening Titles by Mister | STASH MAGAZINE

Coral as a Metaphor for Creativity: NODE 2019 Opening Titles by MISTER

From motion design agency MISTER in Sydney, Australia: “With the Node 2019 titles we wanted to celebrate collaboration and the creative process. We used coral polyps as our metaphor as they perfectly demonstrate how tiny creatures working together can make massive structures. [Watch]