Lobster Drops ID 2 | STASH MAGAZINE

Lobster Drops In-house ID #2: Are We There Yet?

From CD Nikolay Ivanov and the animation team at Lobster: “This is the second ID film we have created for Lobster. Being a creative studio we always recognize the importance of innovation and experimentation, which is why we love to create projects to push our boundaries and experiment with new approaches and techniques of storytelling.” [Watch]

The Surprisingly Long History of Electric Cars Ted-Ed Lobster | STASH MAGAZINE

Lobster Reveals “The Surprisingly Long History of Electric Cars” for Ted-Ed

Fausto Montanari, director at Lobster in Genoa, Italy: “We really believe education is an important part of where our industry can make the difference, and when we have the chance we love to support initiatives such as TED-Ed. [Watch]

"Expect the Unexpected" in New Self-Promo from Lobster | STASH MAGAZINE

“Expect the Unexpected” in New Self-Promo from Lobster

Creative director Fausto Montanari at Lobster in Genova, Italy: “Welcome to the Lobster’s world. We can’t hide that we had a really fun time creating these tasty, imaginative, and colorful landscapes while experimenting and playing with the Lobster’s vision for the future.” [Watch]