Sander Joon Animated Short Film Sierra trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Sander Joon Drops Wonderfully Manic Trailer for Animated Short Film “Sierra”

Director/animator Sander Joon in Tallinn, Estonia: “Parents often push their children to follow their steps. In this case, a father’s obsession with the rally turns his kid into a car tire. Loosely inspired by my childhood, Sierra pulls us into the surreal car racing world. [Watch]

Rick and Morty Exquisite Corpse | STASH MAGAZINE

Trippin’ Through the Rick and Morty Exquisite Corpse

The new season of Rick and Morty (Adult Swim’s most scientifically accurate animated comedy) hit the air last night. The network promo’d the return of the cult hit with this acid-fueled frenzy created by 22 animators lead by Titmouse director Matt Taylor. [Watch]