Powerwash (I Love You) sort film by Rory WT | STASH MAGAZINE

“Powerwash (I Love You)” Short Film by Rory WT

The disarmingly stripped-down style and off-kilter text-to-speech performances in director/animator Rory Waudby-Tolley’s animated short “Powerwash (I Love You)” keep you unprepared for the film’s deeper truths and hopeful ending. [Read more]

Seed Supreme short film by Jack Maschka | STASH MAGAZINE

“Seed Supreme” Short Film by Jack Maschka

Over the last two years, Brooklyn director/animator Jack Maschka set aside chunks time away from paying gigs to create this adventure about an alien and a space seed that bestows “unimaginable strength and mysterious magical powers.” [Read more]

Moth Collective_Forest 500 | STASH MAGAZINE

Forest 500: Tracking the Deforestation Economy

The bad news: we’re all part of the deforestation economy. The good news: Forest 500 tracks how key companies, investors and governments are performing in the race to remove deforestation from global supply chains. [Read more]