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Hornet, a full-service production studio with offices in New York City and London, is proud to announce the signing of Moth Collective, the London-based animation collective composed of Daniel Chester, David Prosser, and Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits. In sitting and speaking with Moth Collective, you begin to understand why they’ve called themselves a collective. Their thoughts run […] [Watch]

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Forest 500: Tracking the Deforestation Economy

The bad news: we’re all part of the deforestation economy. The good news: Forest 500 tracks how key companies, investors and governments are performing in the race to remove deforestation from global supply chains. [Watch]

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NY Times Modern Love: “A Kiss, Deferred”

Nikolina Kulidžan was 12 when civil war interrupted her first romance. Her warm, tear-inducing tale of remembrance and reconnection anchors the latest installment in the New York Times’ Modern Love series and features the formidable illustration and animation talents of London’s Moth Collective. [Watch]

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