Winamax “Ball of Yarn” Spot by Romain Chassaing and Digital District

Paris VFX force Digital District brings the post muscle to this ambitious feline-fuelled rampage directed by Solab’s Romain Chassaing for French betting site Winamax thru agency TBWA\Else. [Watch]

Vincent Gibaud Sparks “Imagination” for Dagoma | STASH MAGAZINE

Vincent Gibaud Sparks “Imagination” for Dagoma

Jungler director Vincent Gibaud (whose psychoactive short film “La Nuit Je Danse Avec La Mort” we highly recommend), takes us on another unpredictable adventure in this new spot for 3D printer company Dagoma thru TBWA\Paris. [Watch]

Giving a Voice to Women of Gender-based Attacks

Real stories of sexual harassment combined with the black humor of rampaging penises makes for a stand-out spot promoting HandsAway, a mobile app designed “to fight against the sexual aggressions undergone by women daily.” [Watch]