Brummie Kong Short film by Kong Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Kong Studio Traces the Unlikely Adventures of “Brummie Kong”

Co-founder Bill Elliott at Kong Studio in London: “Our in-house Long Story Short series is about showing truth can be stranger than fiction in the space of a single minute. This latest installment was already in production when we heard the great King Kong would be making a return to Birmingham in 2022 for the […] [Watch]

Sacha Beeley Strange Beast Venus Princess Nokia Its Time to Care | STASH MAGAZINE

Sacha Beeley Stages a Second Pube Musical for Venus

Working to a track by rapper/songwriter Princess Nokia, Strange Beast director Sacha Beeley stages the sequel to her 2021 adland hit “The Pube Song” in the ongoing quest to make the world more comfortable with the hair down there. [Watch]

Fashion Revolution Good Clothes Fair Pay Anna Ginsburg | STASH MAGAZINE

Fashion Revolution “Good Clothes Fair Pay” by Anna Ginsburg and Strange Beast

Working with designs by Berlin illustrator Viktoria Cichon, Strange Beast director Anna Ginsburg helps UK activist charity Fashion Revolution make the case that a living wage is not a luxury but a fundamental human right. [Watch]

Strange Beast signs Lobulo Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Strange Beast Signs Stop Motion Specialist Javier Rodriguez Garcia (aka Lobulo Studio)

From the release: Strange Beast has signed London-based stop motion expert Lobulo Studio. Otherwise known as Javier Rodriguez Garcia, Lobulo is a craftsman, animator, director, and speaker. [Watch]

Stash issue 152 trailer preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Preview All the Projects Included in Stash 152

Ready for a jolt of inspiration? Grab a peek at Stash 152, the latest addition to the Stash Permanent Collection, the only streaming platform all about motion design, animation, and VFX. [Watch]

Your Mountain is Waiting Short Film Hannah Jacobs Harriet Gillian | STASH MAGAZINE

“Your Mountain is Waiting” Short Film by Hannah Jacobs and Harriet Gillian

The London duo of director/animator Hannah Jacobs and animator/screenwriter Harriet Gillian combine forces to lead the Strange Beast animation crew on a fluid and dream-like journey with a young woman who has stopped listening to her intuition. [Watch]