Best of Stash 2023: 3D Style!

No other sub-genre of motion design generates the measurable excitement (clicks, views, likes, etc.) among Stash fans and subscribers as the work we classify as 3D Style – a type of CG magic realism with seemingly transportive powers.

2023 was another strong year for CG design and animation with both commissioned work and personal experiments demonstrating the media’s endless visual possibilities and the appeal of the finished films to both clients and the wider public.

All these films were published in The Stash Permanent Collection during 2023 and are listed here in chronological order by their issue of publication.
GIVENCHY “TK-360” (Above)

Beatriz Romero, EP at Tavo Studio in Madrid: “We conceptualized and produced the campaign hand in hand with Givenchy´s team and their creative director Matthew Williams, to bring us closer to that imaginary future world where this sneaker comes from.

“The most important task was to highlight the sole, it’s made of silicone materials but also is knitted with the same thread of the sneaker, it is fully wrapped in fabric. They also wanted to create a futuristic environment.”


CD Igor Sordokhonov at Media.Work: “Launching the new and revolutionary Invincible 3 running shoes, Nike asked us to imagine ways to describe the model’s innovative cushioning. Connecting the playful world and the benefits of reality, we present all the possible pillowy incarnations, visualizing a sense of complete softness, cloudiness, and comfort on the foot.

“Balancing between reality and the exaggerated world, we caught a wave of vividness and super-cush softness to capture the new benefits of the product. Through the changing states, we discovered a new world hidden under the sole – unbelievable, but tactile and real.”


“With a combination of CG and macro cinematography, Paris creative digital agency I-réel expands its portfolio of luxury product films with this intimate and intricate work for venerable Swiss watchmaker Baume & Mercier.
Simon Ravet, director and lead motion designer at I-réel: “This project is completely post-produced in 4K resolution. The Moonphase images were shot with our RED 8K camera in our in-house studio, coupled with our motion-control robot. CGI sequences were created with 3ds Max and V-Ray.


Igor Sordokhonov at Media.Work: “In Data PostProcessing, we are determined to breathe new life into seemingly outdated forms, making them more mobile, bright, and appealing. Bringing together natural materials, vibrant light, and computational flair, we unfold a new space that embraces technology and embodies an essence close to nature.

“Inspired by the mechanical devices of bygone eras, we combine their recognizable forms with repetitive movement patterns, weaving a philosophy of eclectic minimalism.”


FutureDeluxe CD Ollie Harris in London: “To create a film that does justice to the pairing of two such iconic brands, we had to fuse the world’s most luxurious race car credentials with the world’s most innovative audio engineering and design.

“The resulting film reflects the frenetic pace and exhilaration of driving the world’s most iconic sports car, but with a memorable visual language that’s more in keeping with the new collaboration’s refined product world.”

NIKE “3D DESIGN #008” (spec)

Fifteen years into his career, Montréal freelance 3D artist/motion designer Guillaume Combeaud continues to declare his love for the medium with a series of passion projects. This sleek, near-future Nike spec spot is his latest.

Guillaume Combeaud: “I have worked for a wide variety of projects and brands, from clothing (Adidas, The North Face), to music (Fender), and drinks (Coca-Cola, Bud). This is a personal project that I carried out in my spare time, purely for enjoyment, for the love of designing and creating in 3D.”


Javier Vallejo, founder and CD at JVG in Madrid: “This project is a portfolio version of a job commissioned by Audi Germany for their official magazine.

“Although both the request and the final result had little to do with this piece, we couldn’t waste the incredible results we achieved in the R&D phase, especially as it coincided with the end of production of the amazing Audi R8.”
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