Ta-Nehisi Coates Trump Atlantic | STASH MAGAZINE

Ta-Nehisi Coates: “The First White President”

Ta-Nehisi Coates, NY Times best-selling author and the architect of Marvel’s recent Black Panther reboot, makes the argument that “The foundation of Trump’s presidency is the negation of Barack Obama’s legacy.” [Read more]

Santa Is a Psychedelic Mushroom New york timesMatthew Slaton New york times | STASH MAGAZINE

Matthew Salton: “Santa Is a Psychedelic Mushroom”

Time to learn the truth behind the shamanistic origins of Santa Claus including why he dresses in red and white, why he enters your house through the chimney, and why the reindeer can fly. [Read more]

We Transfer The Bunt Project | STASH MAGAZINE

The Twisted Tale of Mac Premo’s “The Bunt Machine”

Follow Brooklyn artist/director Mac Premo on the snappy and twisted tour of how his project The Bunt Machine came to be, and how WeTransfer played a part the creative process. [Read more]

Nexus CNN Colorscope | STASH MAGAZINE

Nexus Studios and Emmanuelle Walker Explore Orange for CNN Colorscope

From CNN: “Orange is the color of sunsets, budget airlines, traffic cones and protestants, but it can also be toxic…! [Read more]

Tim Booth CNN Colorscope Gold | STASH MAGAZINE

“Gold” (aka the Excrement of the Gods) from CNN’s Colorscope Series

The 8th episode of CNN Colorscope explores the allure of Gold; worshiped by pharaohs, Aztecs and millennials alike. [Read more]

Pitchfork History of Radiohead | STASH MAGAZINE

A Brief (and Fun) History of Radiohead

Toronto illustrator/animator Joren Cull’s latest for Pitchfork proves that pop music history can be entertaining and therefore interesting even when it’s about a band you never listen to. Like, Radiohead for instance. [Read more]