Leagues of Legends K/DA Riot Games by Fortiche | STASH MAGAZINE

K/DA “Pop/Stars” Music Video by Fortiche

According to our sources, many jaws were left on the floor when this music video for fictional K-Pop group K/DA premiered at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship Finals in Seoul, South Korea. [Watch]

Stash 132 preview trailer design animation VFX | STASH MAGAZINE
NPR Invisibilia The Power of Expectations explainer Francesca Cattaneo | STASH MAGAZINE

NPR Invisibilia “The Power of Expectations” by Francesca Cattaneo

Francesca Cattaneo: “From the NPR Invisibilia podcast, this animation explores whether expectations can have a profound impact on our lives.” [Watch]

NY Times Conception Why I Won’t Raise My Daughters to Please Lara Lee animation | STASH MAGAZINE

“Why I Won’t Raise My Daughters to Please” by Lara Lee

The latest film in the insightful and beautifully rendered New York Times’ Conception series arrives via the considerable illustration and animation talents of director Lara Lee in London. [Watch]

Lagunitas Special K Allen Laseter | STASH MAGAZINE

Hello? It’s the Beer Calling

Nashville director/animator Allen Laseter interprets a real (and wonderfully surreal) voicemail left for the Lagunitas Brewing Company by a very appreciative customer named Special K. [Watch]

Chemours The Stars Right Here on Earth Luiz Stockler | STASH MAGAZINE

Chemours “The Stars Right Here on Earth” by Luiz Stockler

Designer/director Luiz Stockler in London: “Short piece in collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather NYC for National Chemistry Week (USA) celebrating all the chemists, engineers, food scientists, and more who make space travel possible.” [Watch]