Stash 134 Drops: Staying Inspired Just Got Easier

Grab a look at the preview for STASH 134 , the brilliant new addition to The Stash Permanent Collection – the unrivalled online library of motion design for advertising, music videos, broadcast and title design, brand films, game cinematics, and short films. [Read more]


“Skim” Game Trailer by Fernando Lazzari and Anrick Bregman

Directors Fernando Lazzari and Anrick Bregman in London: “Skim is a short film exploring the world of Drift, a solarpunk game project in early development, a collaboration between Fernando Lazzari and Studio ANRK.” [Read more]

Giant Battle of Balls by Alfred Imageworks | STASH MAGAZINE

Sing Along with this “Battle of Balls” Game Promo

Director Doseok Park and the crew at Alfred Imageworks in Seoul, South Korea, cook up a cavity-inducing, Disney musical-inspired CG promo for Giant Interactive’s mobile gaming phenomenon Battle of Balls. [Read more]

Anthem Conviction game trailer by Neill Blomkamp | STASH MAGAZINE

Anthem “Conviction” Trailer by Neill Blomkamp

Anthem, BioWare’s new multiplayer action role-playing game, has had a rough rollout so far but the company and their publishing partners Electronic Arts are betting director Neill Blomkamp can help reset perceptions with this spectacular VFX-laced trailer. [Read more]

Apex Legends animated game trailer Mill+ | STASH MAGAZINE

Mill+ Launches “Apex Legends” with Massive Animated Trailer

For the launch of Respawn Entertainment’s new free-to-play battle royale shooter Apex Legends, Mill+ directors Lisha Tan and David Lawson create a hybrid look they call “Moving Concept Art.” [Read more]

Art Sqool game trailer by Julien Glander | STASH MAGAZINE

“Art Sqool” Game by Julian Glander

Depending on how your art/design/media school experience actually went down, Julian Glander’s third indie video game called “Art Sqool” may trigger varying amounts of trauma and/or giddiness. [Read more]