Star-Citizen-Invictus-2952-Celebrate-Greatness-Midnight-Sherpa | STASH MAGAZINE

Midnight Sherpa Launches Star Citizen “Invictus 2952: Celebrate Greatness” Event Trailer

Creative director Miguel Lee and his team at Midnight Sherpa in LA drop an ambitious CG film to promo Cloud Imperium’s in-game Invictus event for their massive multi-player IP Star Citizen. [Watch]

Best-of-Stash-2021-Brand-Films | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2021: Brand Films

Films produced for online, social, and point-of-sale distribution have evolved beyond TV advertising’s second-class siblings into a marketer’s most flexible weapon for telling more complex and emotional brand stories. [Watch]

Stash 148 Drops over Two Solid Hours of Inspiration | STASH MAGAZINE
Applied Materials “We Work Here” Brand Film by Midnight Sherpa | STASH MAGAZINE

Midnight Sherpa Deep Dives Into the Nanosphere for Applied Materials

How do you turn an exposition-heavy and obsessively accurate three-minute depiction of atomic-level chip engineering into a visual adventure? LA studio Midnight Sherpa and agency Bruce Silverstein & Associates have a few ideas. [Watch]

Midnight Sherpa Alex More | STASH MAGAZINE

Midnight Sherpa Welcomes Alex More as Executive Producer

LA based creative studio Midnight Sherpa has brought onboard Alex More as Executive Producer. [Watch]