Petrick Takes a Breath for Tinkoff Bank | STASH MAGAZINE

Petrick Takes a Breath in New Spot for Tinkoff Bank

Creative director Misha Petrick and his Berlin design and animation crew capture all the frustration and absurdity of life’s mundane tasks in this expressive character spot, one in a new series for Tinkoff Bank cashback debit cards. [Watch]

Mundfish Atomic Heart Frostbite Cinematic by Petrick | STASH MAGAZINE

Atomic Heart “Frostbite” Game Cinematic by Petrick

Tapping into vintage Soviet animated propaganda for inspiration, Misha Petrick and his Berlin-based crew spin up a fully unique in-game cinematic for Mundfish’s first-person shooter Atomic Heart. [Watch]

Petrick's "Groove" Video Game Inspired by Arrests of Russian Protestors | STASH MAGAZINE

Petrick’s “Groove” Video Game Inspired by Arrests of Russian Protestors

Misha Petrick at Petrick Studio in Moscow : “The game (ПАЗТЬ/Groove) is inspired by the Russian protests of 2021 that led to more than 13,000 arbitrarily detained people all over the country – from opposition members to random bystanders.” [Watch]

Zemfira "Austin" Music Video by Petrick | STASH MAGAZINE

Zemfira “Austin” Music Video by Petrick

Music video and game trailer blend into a dramatic and dream-fueled six-minute epic in this new work from Moscow studios Petrick and Zheeshee for Russian singer Zemfira and starring Austin, the balding butler from Homescapes. [Watch]

Super Sobaka "Love" by Petrick | STASH MAGAZINE

Super Dog “Love” Collaborative Campaign for Russian Animal Shelter

Director Misha Petrick at Petrick Animation in Moscow: “[This is a] collaborative project for a Moscow-based dog shelter called Super Sobaka (Super Dog). [Watch]

Animated Coat of Arms of Moscow by Petrick | STASH MAGAZINE