Mundfish Atomic Heart Frostbite Cinematic by Petrick | STASH MAGAZINE

Atomic Heart “Frostbite” Game Cinematic by Petrick

Tapping into vintage Soviet animated propaganda for inspiration, Misha Petrick and his Berlin-based crew spin up a fully unique in-game cinematic for Mundfish’s first-person shooter Atomic Heart. [Watch]

Petrick's "Groove" Video Game Inspired by Arrests of Russian Protestors | STASH MAGAZINE

Petrick’s “Groove” Video Game Inspired by Arrests of Russian Protestors

Misha Petrick at Petrick Studio in Moscow : “The game (ПАЗТЬ/Groove) is inspired by the Russian protests of 2021 that led to more than 13,000 arbitrarily detained people all over the country – from opposition members to random bystanders.” [Watch]

Zemfira "Austin" Music Video by Petrick | STASH MAGAZINE

Zemfira “Austin” Music Video by Petrick

Music video and game trailer blend into a dramatic and dream-fueled six-minute epic in this new work from Moscow studios Petrick and Zheeshee for Russian singer Zemfira and starring Austin, the balding butler from Homescapes. [Watch]

Super Sobaka "Love" by Petrick | STASH MAGAZINE

Super Dog “Love” Collaborative Campaign for Russian Animal Shelter

Director Misha Petrick at Petrick Animation in Moscow: “[This is a] collaborative project for a Moscow-based dog shelter called Super Sobaka (Super Dog). [Watch]

Animated Coat of Arms of Moscow by Petrick | STASH MAGAZINE