Joe Sill Impossible Objects short film The Cloud Racer | STASH MAGAZINE

Joe Sill and Impossible Objects Release Unreal Engine Proof of Concept Film “The Cloud Racer”

From director Joe Sill and the team at Impossible Objects in Manhattan Beach, CA: “A struggling outerling pilots his race-craft over the apocalyptic streets of future Los Angeles in a fierce aerial competition against the much better funded corporate teams with his trusted father (who also serves as his mechanic) by his side.” [Watch]

Forest in a Bottle Redux Unreal Engine Tests by Leo Torres | STASH MAGAZINE

“Forest in a Bottle Redux” Unreal Engine Tests by Leo Torres

Director/3D artist Leo Torres in Melbourne, Australia: “This is a series of indoor terrarium cinematic scenes that served as my test bench and demo project for Unreal Engine 5 – from early access 2021 all the way to the current full release build 5.02. [Watch]

Goodbye Kansas F1 Manager 2022 Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Goodbye Kansas Unleashes F1 Manager 2022 Trailer

Director Will Adams and the animation/VFX team at Goodbye Kansas dig into Unreal Engine 5 (complemented by Maya and Houdini) to create this trailer for F1 Manager 2022, the racing management simulation game from Frontier Development. [Watch]

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage meets Unreal Engine by Platige | STASH MAGAZINE

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage Meets Unreal Engine

Art Director Michał Niewiara at Platige Image in Warsaw: “The era of Aston Martin’s V12 engines is leaning towards the sunset but that doesn’t mean it will go away quietly. [Watch]

The Falling Man Short Film for Ukraine by Guido Ponzini | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Falling Man”: A Short Film for Ukraine by Guido Ponzini

Guido Ponzini, a Houdini and real-time technical artist who also holds a Master’s Degree in electronic music, just dropped this powerful personal project in support of Ukraine – rendered in Unreal Engine and post-processed in Photoshop using AI. [Watch]

This Tape Deck is a Time Machine Teaser by Patrick Osborne and Nexus | STASH MAGAZINE

“This Tape Deck is a Time Machine” Teaser by Patrick Osborne and Nexus

Nexus director Patrick Osborne, who won the Best Animated Short Film Oscar for Feast in 2014, gives us a peek at the future of animation production with this teaser for his new real-time animated series created using Unreal Engine. [Watch]