Imaginary Forces Reel 2020 | STASH MAGAZINE

Imaginary Forces Returns to Shakespeare 20 Years On

Twenty years ago, Imaginary Forces released a different kind of reel. Instead of cutting the work to the usual upbeat music track, the montage was anchored by a reading of the prologue from Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’ (watch below). [Watch]

Studio River Manifesto | STASH MAGAZINE

Studio River’s “Manifesto” Makes Fun of Everything, Including Themselves

Instead of cutting together the usual demo reel, French motion house Studio River introduced themselves as sponsors of the most recent Motion Plus Design event in Paris with this refreshing mock manifesto. [Watch]

Quarantine short film by Shy Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

“Quarantine” Experimental Short Film by Shy Studio

Misha Shyukin and Hannes Hummel at Shy Studio in Cologne, Germany: “‘Quarantine’ is our first self-initiated project as a newly formed studio. [Watch]

PlusOne Manifesto | STASH MAGAZINE

PlusOne Celebrates 10 Years of Motion with Animated Manifesto

Marcel Vrieswijk at PlusOne in Amsterdam: “The anniversary is a milestone marking ten years of hard work, creative high points, and great memories. And the perfect moment to get the company’s core values and aspirations down on paper. [Watch]

Deli Coronanimation | STASH MAGAZINE

The DELI “Coronanimation”

From DELI Creative Collective in Hamburg: “The lockdown on filming has hit the advertising industry really hard and, for us in film postproduction, we now know the situation all too well from the resulting ‘non-projects’ and postponed projects. [Watch]

Kookie Christmas film by Laundry | STASH MAGAZINE

Gotta Wonder what’s in Laundry’s Christmas Kookies

Executive creative director PJ Richardson at Laundry in LA: “In the theme of the holiday spirit, our team of artists made this cookie gone wild themed animation to celebrate joy and creativity. [Watch]