Havas Says F#ck 13 (in a nice way)

The team at French advertising giant Havas wish you a mischievous and creative new year with this irrepressible clip packed full of fun 14s. [Read more]

BUF Buffs Up the Reel for 2013

A quick look at the breadth and quality of work on their BUF‘s latest reel and you’ll be a tad closer to understanding why Pierre Buffin’s labor of love (which celebrates 30 years in business in 2014) has grown into France’s most accomplished VFX house a network of production facilities in Paris, Brussels and most recently in Montreal plus a liaison office in LA. [Read more]

FCK WNTR From Kim Leow, Tendril

“FCK WNTR” is a new studio-promo for Tendril that blossomed from the creative mind of Toronto-based animator/designer Kim Leow. From Tendril, “While working with us on a number of projects, amazing local artist/ animator/ ping-pong champion Kim Leow made us a great set of drawings featuring the Tendril name. She stylized our name out of plants and foliage and we pretty much said ‘Kim! This ROCKS. You go for it, let’s make this animated.'” Music/sound design: CypherAudio [Read more]

Stash Latin America 2

We at Stash are proud to present Stash Latin America 2, another massive collection of outstanding animation, visual effects and motion design talent
from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Puerto Rico. This new collection delivers exclusive interviews, creative and techical insights, [Read more]

Liquid Love from Totuma

Totuma introduces their “new fully animated font: Liquid_o” with an enigmatic and elegant design exercise…

“Tears, saliva, sweat, blood. Love is the acceptance that the body of your significant other is near 65% fluid. So, if you really want to love someone, you must be intimately acquainted with his or her fluid makeup as much as anything else. And, this fluid, this internal part of all of us, may offend our senses, but love forces us to reach beyond our comfort zone to truly know a person inside and out and and accept them for who they are.”

Amen. [Read more]

Deli Pictures Valentines Day | STASH MAGAZINE

Happy Valentine’s Day from Deli Pictures

Deli Pictures in Hamburg are out to brighten your Feb 14 with a campy choreographed ode to love and processed animal protein. Concept and animation: Jens Kopke, Pascal Reitz, production: Deli Pixelbutik, EP: Michael Reissinger, Sound design: Stephan Radom @ Deli Sounds, Music: Studio Funk. [Read more]