Stories to be Remembered Short Film Animagic | STASH MAGAZINE

“Stories to be Remembered” Short Film by Animagic

Self-promotional videos can be a slippery slope for motion studios, often sliding into over-earnest or over-confident manifestos but Animagic strikes the right tone with this two-minute look at the importance of stories in human history. [Watch]

Pixel Farm Twosday Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Pixel Farm Marks 2/22/22 with “Twosday” Short Film

Pixel Farm studio in Minneapolis gives a shout out to the magic of multiple twos on Feb 2, 2022 (auspicious in both the Chinese calendar and numerology) with an in-house project built around a digital art gallery. [Watch]

Inkbit An 8Bit Inktober Compilation Yat Fung Leung | STASH MAGAZINE

“Inkbit: An 8Bit Inktober” Compilation by Yat Fung Leung

Motion designer Yat Fung Leung in Hong Kong: “For Inktober, I decided to stream my process while I was making posts a few times a week. This is a fun mix of a compilation and a breakdown of that month-long project.” [Watch]

Kong-Studio-Handy-Animation-Explainer | STASH MAGAZINE

Kong Studio’s “Handy” Animation Explainer

Kong Studio co-founder Bill Elliott in London: “To make an animation about animation as a sales tool is a risky business. It needs the utmost clarity and quality, otherwise, it is counterproductive.” [Watch]

Alkemy X 40th anniversary | STASH MAGAZINE

Alkemy X Celebrates 40th anniversary with Deep Fake Fun

From the release: “To mark 40 years since the company was founded, Alkemy X is celebrating its milestone anniversary by temporarily rebranding back to a 1981 version of itself in a playful re-imagining of its launch.” [Watch]

"The Carrier" Mini-Series Pitch Trailer by IV Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Carrier” Mini-Series Pitch Trailer by IV Studio

Directors Seth Worley and Zac Dixon at IV Studio in Nashville, TN: “The Carrier is an animated mystery drama series created by Zac Dixon and Seth Worley, starring Emmy-winner Tony Hale. It follows the only postal worker in a remote Alaskan town where mailmen have been disappearing for decades. [Watch]