Art&Graft Tilal Al Ghaf animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Art&Graft Imagines Life in Dubai at Tilal Al Ghaf

Weaving together 2D and 3D techniques, Art&Graft in London conjure an inviting and atmospheric illustrative style for Tilal Al Ghaf, a new community-driven property development in Dubai. [Watch]

“Smarty/not Smarty” by Art&Graft

Using charming 3D animated storytelling, produced by Art&Graft, ‘SMARTY/not SMARTY’ playfully illustrates there are SMARTY and not so SMARTY choices in life. [Watch]

Anchor Point reps Art&Graft | STASH MAGAZINE

Art&Graft Joins Anchor Point for US Representation

Seattle animation and design production company, Anchor Point, has added Art&Graft to its roster for exclusive representation in the United States. [Watch]

Lost Hope animated short | STASH MAGAZINE

Art&Graft “Lost Hope”

Exactly two years ago London design and animation studio Art&Graft released their wonderful in-house project “The Walk”, a calm, almost ambient ode to light and perambulation. [Watch]


Art&Graft’s Irrepressible Rebrand for Pogo

London design and animation studio Art&Graft infuse Indian children’s TV channel Pogo with primary colors and an irrepressible energy in their quest to establish “the ultimate Indian kids entertainment destination.” [Watch]

Art&Graft_Rio 2016 | STASH MAGAZINE

Art&Graft takes Team GB to Rio 2016 Olympics

London motion masters Art&Graft blend 3D character animation with a warm illustrative style for both an intimate and sweeping showcase of how sales of lottery tickets in the UK support the 1,300 athletes of Team GB and their quest for victory at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. [Watch]