Bacara Cores Music Video Patrick Hanser Playground AI | STASH MAGAZINE

Patrick Hanser Paints a Music Video With Help From Playground AI and 20th-century Masters

São Paulo director/musician Patrick Hanser combines his many talents and Playground AI into a video for the first single from his music project Bacará, prompted with art styles from painters including Picasso, Kandinsky, and Miró. [Watch]

Axl Le and Korean Star Lee Minho Build New World, New Meta Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Axl Le and Korean Star Lee Minho Drop “New World, New Meta” Concept Film

Digital artist and filmmaker Axl Le and his talents for conjuring dangerous near-future worlds return with this short film, a creative alliance with South Korean actor/singer/model/creative director Lee Minho. [Watch]

Alaska and Kevin Dance Up a Storm in LinkedIn’s Laundromat for Droga5

Iconoclast directing duo Alaska (aka Gustavo Moraes and Marco Laver) launch Droga5’s new global campaign for LinkedIn with a riveting mix of dance, puppeteering, and VFX all held together by LA post house Kevin. [Watch]

Pitch Music Arts Festival Campaign Visuals by Anatolii Belikov | STASH MAGAZINE

Pitch Music & Arts Festival Campaign Visuals by Anatolii Belikov and the Ukrainian Diaspora

With his small Kyiv studio closed due to the Russian occupation, director/3D artist Anatolii Belikov regroups his scattered team virtually to craft visuals for the Pitch Music & Arts Festival in Australia. [Watch]

Hasmik Mkhchyan Electric Dreams PDK Metz Speech Short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Hasmik Mkhchyan Honors Philip K. Dick in New AI Short Film “Electric Dreams: Echoes of the Metz Speech”

Armenian director and motion artist Hasmik Mkhchyan combines her appreciation for American science fiction writer Philip K. Dick and new forms of visual storytelling into a personal short film created with Stable Diffusion. [Watch]

Fabrice Le Nezet Optical Arts Babel short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Watch Fabrice Le Nezet and Optical Arts Build and Destroy The Tower of Babel in Two Minutes

London studio Optical Arts and director Fabrice Le Nezet continue their in-house visual experiments with Babel, a short film “blurring the lines between history, illustration, typography, print, animation, architecture, and design.” [Watch]