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Yeti Pictures MINIWOOD short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Join Yeti Pictures on a Twisted Tour of “MINIWOOD”

Director Tony Zagoraios and his CG animation team at Yeti Pictures in Athens, Greece, just dropped their latest in-house mini comedy-adventure, and like their previous short film Summertime, it is full of playful details and irreverent attitude. [Watch]

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YETI Pictures Enters 2023 at Full Speed | Stash Magazine

Yeti Pictures Enters 2023 at Full Speed

Director/founder Tony Zagoraios and his crew at Yeti Pictures in Athens, Greece say goodbye to 2022 and welcome the new year in badass style with a new Harley-riding mascot. [Watch]

Summertime short film by Yeti Pictures | STASH MAGAZINE

It’s “Summertime” and Yeti Pictures Don’t Give a F#ck

Tony Zagoraios, director/founder at Yeti Pictures: “This is our annual animation homage to summer vacations, where we dont give a fuck about deadlines, feedback, and crazy requests. Sit back, relax and enjoy this crazy holiday ride along
with Yeti.” [Watch]

Yeti-Pictures-short-film-Brutalism | STASH MAGAZINE

Yeti Pictures Admires the Power and Poetry of Brutalism

Few architectural styles polarize opinions like Brutalism but love it or hate it, you will get a smile out of this latest in-house adventure in fantasy CG style from Tony Zagoraios and the crew at Yeti Pictures in Athens. [Watch]