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Stash Latin America 3 Launches at Cannes Film Fest

Spread across 6,000 miles, six time zones and every possible climate, the design, animation and VFX industry in Latin America represents a staggering array of talent bound together by a passion for creating outstanding work. (Watch the collection here.)

Stash’s third collection of studios from across this vibrant region finds both young and established companies demonstrating a new level of confidence and ambition as they showcase a greater variety of styles and techniques.

The beautiful new Stash Latin America 3 book + DVD collection premiered at The Cannes Film Festival on May 19 and will be available online soon.

These are the studios giving local clients all the reasons they need to keep projects at home while attracting the attention of international agencies and brands who now recognize the advantages of bringing their work to Latin America.

From a blockbuster CG-animated feature film to eccentric 10-second hand-animated broadcast IDs, Stash Latin America 3 presents a vast range of work from 22 studios run by world-class visual problem solvers including…

Mundoloco CGI
Clan vfx
Cluster Studio
Palermo Animación
Zebra Studio
Bleed VFX
Don Porfirio
Estudio Voraz
Memoma Studio
Mighty Animation
Magma Creations
Tunche Films
Barraca Post
Studio Soup
IMG Crossmedia Studio
Le Cube
Domo Animato
Maneki Studio