Aardma Asa Lucander Theres a Big Bad Wolf Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Åsa Lucander Imagines “There’s a Big Bad Wolf” Close By for BBC’s Blue Peter

Aardman director Åsa Lucander, whose warm and approachable animation styles are on full display here and here, reteams with BBC’s venerable kids’ show Blue Peter, for a new short film about the power of childhood imagination. [Watch]

Blue Peter Our Planet Now Asa Lucander Aardman | STASH MAGAZINE

Blue Peter “Our Planet Now” by Åsa Lucander and Aardman

Based on a poem by an eight-year-old fan of the BBC kids’ show Blue Peter, this heart-tugger by director Åsa Lucander and the Aardman animation team was premiered for world leaders at the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow. [Watch]

BeFloodReady "Missy’s Tale" by Åsa Lucander and Aardman Animations | STASH MAGAZINE

BeFloodReady “Missy’s Tale” by Åsa Lucander and Aardman

Aardman director, illustrator, and animator Åsa Lucander brings a light touch to the serious impact flooding can have on homes and families for the UK’s South West Property Flood Resilience Pathfinder project. [Watch]

Åsa Lucander_alzheimers | STASH MAGAZINE

Aardman wonders: What if “Santa Forgot”

A powerful concept and frame-perfect execution from director Åsa Lucander and the Aardman crew made this emotional, low-key ad for Alzheimer’s Research UK a stand-out in the crowded 2016 holiday season. [Watch]

Asa Lucander_Aardman | STASH MAGAZINE

Aardman Signs Åsa Lucander to Director Roster

Finnish 2D director, illustrator and animator Åsa Lucander joins the Aardman roster for representation in the UK. [Watch]