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Blue Peter “Our Planet Now” by Åsa Lucander and Aardman

Based on a poem by an eight-year-old fan of the BBC kids’ show Blue Peter, this heart-tugger by director Åsa Lucander and the Aardman animation team was premiered for world leaders at the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow. [Watch]

BeFloodReady "Missy’s Tale" by Åsa Lucander and Aardman Animations | STASH MAGAZINE

BeFloodReady “Missy’s Tale” by Åsa Lucander and Aardman

Aardman director, illustrator, and animator Åsa Lucander brings a light touch to the serious impact flooding can have on homes and families for the UK’s South West Property Flood Resilience Pathfinder project. [Watch]


Aardman: Childline “Headbomz”

Aardman director Åsa Lucander disguises a serious message with a silly animation style for this spot designed to help Irish eight to ten year-olds deal with the stresses of school and family by encouraging them to talk it out. [Watch]

Åsa Lucander_alzheimers | STASH MAGAZINE

Aardman wonders: What if “Santa Forgot”

A powerful concept and frame-perfect execution from director Åsa Lucander and the Aardman crew made this emotional, low-key ad for Alzheimer’s Research UK a stand-out in the crowded 2016 holiday season. [Watch]

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Aardman Signs Åsa Lucander to Director Roster

Finnish 2D director, illustrator and animator Åsa Lucander joins the Aardman roster for representation in the UK. [Watch]