Diptyque DO SON Brand Film Werlen Meyer animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Diptyque “DO SON” Brand Film by Werlen Meyer

Building on a track by English musician/producer James Blake, directors Gwenn Germain and Valentin Adiba at French animation studio Werlen Meyer build a hand-drawn fantasy world for the luxury brand Diptyque. [Watch]

-M- & Gail Ann Dorsey “À toi” Music Video by Stéphane Berla and Eddy

Eddy director Stéphane Berla, who dropped the emotional Kwoon “King of Sea” music video earlier this year, is back and madly mixing media in this sweeping fantasy for French musician -M- (aka Matthieu Chedid) and former Bowie bassist Gail Ann Dorsey. [Watch]

Anne Muller Nummer 2 Music Video Faux Soleil | STASH MAGAZINE

Anne Müller “Nummer 2” Music Video by Faux Soleil and Eddy

Following up recent commercial work for Nintendo, Ubisoft, and Hermès, Eddy directing duo Faux Soleil (aka Simon Duong Van Huyen and Arthur Chaumay) animate a meditative and cinematic music video for German composer/cellist Anne Müller. [Watch]

Stash 154 preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Kwoon King of Sea Music Video Stéphane Berla Eddy | STASH MAGAZINE

Kwoon “King of Sea” Music Video by Stéphane Berla

Eddy director Stéphane Berla and Paris studio Brunch animated this music video for “King of Sea” by French post-rock project Kwoon by combining VR illustration/animation tool Quill and Blender 3D software into a dramatic maritime narrative with a stop-motion feel. [Watch]

Audemars Piguet The Royal Oak A Journey Through Time Temple Cache Valentin Guiod | STASH MAGAZINE

French Directing Duo Temple Cache Signs with Eddy

Eddy is proud to announce the signature of Temple Caché, the french studio led by Marion Castéra and Kelzang Ravach. [Watch]

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