Ford Truck "Gears" animated film by Zombie Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Zombie Turns “Gears” and Tears for Ford Trucks

Can Ford connect to truck drivers with an emotional animated film? It sounds counter-intuitive but agency GTB Brazil and São Paulo’s Zombie Studio give it a heartfelt try with this massive CG project. [Read more]

Milkyeyes_Ford Driving Skills | STASH MAGAZINE

Milkyeyes: Driving Skills for Life

Italian animation innovator and provocateur Donato Sansone (aka milkyeyes) suppresses his natural tendency toward the NSFW and grotesque to hand-craft a snappy don’t-text-and-drive message for Ford Italy. [Read more]

Artist: Matt GreenwoodStudio: TantrumWebsites: / From Greenwood: “I developed these style frames for a Ford campaign while I was at Tantrum design. The agency provided a few key supers and wanted to feature the cars driving in a city at night. Having previously worked with Ford, I was familiar with their openness to […] [Read more]