Se Busca Millonario Miniseries titles HBO Max MonoGrafo | STASH MAGAZINE

MonoGrafo Rolls Out “Se Busca Millonario” Miniseries Titles on HBO Max

Creative director Fernando Marcilla and the motion design team at MonoGrafo in Madrid set a suspenseful and enigmatic tone for the new HBO Max miniseries Se Busca Millonario with these intricate CG titles. [Watch]

HBO Max Warner Bros Discovery Access Animated Shorts Program | STASH MAGAZINE

The HBO Max “Only You: An Animated Shorts Collection” Boosts Underrepresented Creators

On March 23, the new HBO Max original series Only You: An Animated Shorts Collection went to air featuring eight films created by 12 underrepresented artists responding to the prompt “What’s a story only you can tell?” [Watch]

Murdaugh Dynasty HBO Max titles Spillt Opens Spillt | STASH MAGAZINE

Spillt Opens “Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty” on HBO Max

From the team at Spillt in Denver, CO: “‘Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty’ is a chilling, three-part docuseries that chronicles the legacy of the Murdaugh family, whose century-long influence over the legal system in South Carolina’s Lowcountry unravels amid accusations of fraud, deception, and murder. [Watch]

Sarofsky Opens The Staircase for HBO Max | STASH MAGAZINE

Sarofsky Opens the “The Staircase” for HBO Max

With the construction of a mutating translucent labyrinth, ECD Erin Sarofsky and her design team set an enigmatic tone for the HBO Max series “The Staircase” while hinting at the calculated nature of the crime that inspired it. [Watch]

yU+Co Opens Tokyo Vice for HBO Max | STASH MAGAZINE

yU+Co Opens “Tokyo Vice” for HBO Max

Veteran creative director Garson Yu and his LA team at yU+Co twist together tattoo art and neon in this opening sequence for Michael Mann’s new HBO Max series based on Jake Adelstein’s non-fiction book Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan. [Watch]

"Zack Snyder’s Justice League" Promo by yU+co | STASH MAGAZINE

“Zack Snyder’s Justice League” Mother Box Trailer by yU+co

First conceived as the title sequence for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, this HBO Max promo uses the sentient autonomous computers known as Mother Boxes from the film as a way to explore the history of the six core superheroes. [Watch]

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