Dan-Hoopert-Audio-Synthesis-Bird-Songs short film | STASH MAGAZINE

The Delightful Motion/Sound Connection in Bird Songs and Trees

London-based designer/AD Dan Hoopert just released the second short film in his Audio Synthesis series exploring the relationship between motion and sound. Although technically-driven, both films make for delightful viewing. [Watch]

Creative and Technical Collide in Style at FITC 2023

FITC, the mother of all creative technology events, hits Toronto (and online) for its 21st edition April 17-18 with a staggering array of speakers plus innovative workshops and plenty of networking opportunities. [Watch]

Raven Kwok Time Left Shift 7 Installation Peak Performance | STASH MAGAZINE

Raven Kwok’s Quirky and Delightful Pop Up Video Installation for Peak Performance

Visual artist and creative technologist Raven Kwok: “Time Left Shift 7 is a generative installation commissioned by Swedish ski apparel brand Peak Performance and UCCA Lab in Beijing for the pop-up event ‘Moments in Åre’ at Réel Mall in Shanghai.” [Watch]

Spacewarp Longmenhao Old Street Tunnel AV Installation Raven Kwok | STASH MAGAZINE

Drive an Audi Deep Into Raven Kwok’s “Spacewarp” Art Installation

Artist, animator, and creative technologist Raven Kwok in Shanghai: “Spacewarp is a collaborative audiovisual piece commissioned by Audi and the UCCA Lab at UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. It debuted at the Warpdrive art exhibition curated by Men Jiecong at Longmenhao Old Street Tunnel in Chongqing, China. [Watch]

ROTATOR Short Film by Simon Russell | STASH MAGAZINE

“ROTATOR” Palindromic Short Film by Simon Russell

Join UK director and motion designer Simon Russell as he takes us through the creative and technical challenges of his intricate and hypnotic new personal work ROTATOR, a short film based on visual and audio symmetry. [Watch]

Little Science Text-to-Video Short Film Vadim Epstein | STASH MAGAZINE

“Little Science” Text-to-Video Short Film by Vadim Epstein

Vadim Epstein, director and media artist in Turkey: “[This film is a] visual allegory, illustrating concepts and ideas of the natural sciences on the micro and macro scales, depicting it as an abstract pseudo-realistic fantasy rather than mundane scenery. [Watch]