Moth "The Grotlyn" | STASH MAGAZINE

Moth Animates Trailer for Benji Davies’ Kid’s Book “The Grotlyn”

“Trailer for Benji Davies’ picture book, ‘The Grotlyn’.” [Read more]

Facebook Community Stasndards | STASH MAGAZINE

Facebook “Community Standards” Explained (Beautifully)

Striking the perfect tone of assertive but approachable, London directors Moth and the Hornet NYC crew reveal the process behind Facebook’s efforts to detect and delete posts that violate their community standards. [Read more]

moth_cnn Blue is the worlds favorite color| STASH MAGAZINE

Moth for CNN: “Blue is the world’s favorite color”

London motion masters Moth team with British art historian/broadcaster Dr. James Fox for the first in a series of monthly films for CNN called Color Scope “that explores our perception of color, it’s use across cultures, and other curiosities.”
[Read more]