Facebook "Report It" Brand Film by The Furrow | STASH MAGAZINE

Facebook “Report It” Brand Film by The Furrow

From the team at The Furrow in Lexington, Kentucky: “We partnered with Facebook’s safety team to help raise global awareness in the fight against child sexual abuse material on social media.” [Read more]

Facebook "Cybersec" Brand Film by Kijek/Adamski | STASH MAGAZINE

Facebook “Cybersec” Brand Film by Kijek/Adamski

Directors Kasia Kijek and Przemek Adamski at Kijek/Adamski in Warsaw, Poland: “Someone breaking into your Facebook account is like someone breaking into your home. A short video about cybersecurity commissioned by Facebook.” [Read more]

Buck animated Facebook International Women's Day Credit Her | STASH MAGAZINE

Facebook “International Women’s Day” by Buck

From Buck: “We were PUMPED to be a part of this campaign for Facebook’s International Women’s Day. Lots of love, hugs, and hand drawn cel loveliness for your wide-eyed pleasure!” [Read more]

Facebook Intellectual property | STASH MAGAZINE

Facebook Intellectual Property (Director’s version)

Buenos Aires animation and CG studio KASANA add life to the dry, intricate, but important matter of how Facebook handles intellectual property infringement on their platform. [Read more]

Facebook Community Stasndards | STASH MAGAZINE

Facebook “Community Standards” Explained (Beautifully)

Striking the perfect tone of assertive but approachable, London directors Moth and the Hornet NYC crew reveal the process behind Facebook’s efforts to detect and delete posts that violate their community standards. [Read more]

Buck_Facebook Factory | STASH MAGAZINE

Buck Snaps Open the Facebook Factory

Ryan Honey and the Buck team leave no production technique or typographic trick unturned in this ADD-inducing launch film for Facebook’s new creative think tank called The Factory. [Read more]