Samsung Tab 2veinte and Unlisted | STASH MAGAZINE

2veinte and Unlisted Unveil the Magic of the Samsung Tab

From the release: Unlisted director 2veinte continues to paint the town ‘retro’ with their transportive new film for Samsung’s latest Tab. [Watch]

2veinte ARA Ballad of a Simple Man short film Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

2veinte Teases Adult Animation Project “ARA, Ballad of a Simple Man” With Mind-Altering Trailer

Looking to pry the studio out of its comfort zone, the animation team at 2veinte in Buenos Aires takes on a new in-house project they describe as a “dramatic adult film filled with action and psychedelic vibes”. [Watch]


Opening Titles for “The Ricochet Splendid” by 2veinte

Welcome to the world of “The Ricochet Splendid” the most awesome/kickass animated 80’s TV series that never existed. [Watch]

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