Radugadesign Into the Arctic Gazprom Neft | STASH MAGAZINE

Radugadesign Heads “Into the Arctic” in a Two-Story Ice Cube

Moscow studio Radugadesign wraps an exhibition stand in massive 20-foot high video screens to create an impossible-to-ignore presence for Russian oil giant Gazprom Neft at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. [Watch]

Intention Art Outdoor Motion Installation by Radugadesign | STASH MAGAZINE

“Intention Art” Outdoor Motion Installation by Radugadesign

From the team at Radugadesign in Moscow: “In a new joint project with Russian media agency Intention, we turn to op art, an abstract art trend of the 20th century, rethinking it in a new, digital format. [Watch]

Alone Together Motion Art Installation by Radugadesign | STASH MAGAZINE

“Alone Together” Motion Art Installation by Radugadesign

CD Ivan Nefedkin at Radugadesign: “Alone Together is a digital motion design art piece we created initially for a cornered screen in New York. Then, it was commissioned for two other setups, one in Shanghai and this one in Manila in the Philippines. [Watch]

Beautiful Outdoor LED Display in Beijing by Radugadesign | STASH MAGAZINE

Radugadesign Creates Fun Food Illusions for LED Display in Beijing

Radugadesign studio in Moscow: “In collaboration with Output platform, we created multimedia LED content with a naked eye 3D effect to display on the Wangfujing public screen in Beijing. [Watch]

Logos software brand film by Roma Erohnovich | STASH MAGAZINE

Logos Software Branding Film by Roman Erohnovich

Director/designer Roman Erohnovich in Moscow: “Logos is a computational and mathematical package for modeling physical processes in the aviation, automotive, nuclear power, and aerospace industries and the first digital product presented by Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation. [Watch]

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