Superestudio TFX rebrand IDs | STASH MAGAZINE

Superestudio Rebrands TFX

Ezequiel Rormoser, creative director at Superestudio in Buenos Aires: “This is a sizzle reel gathering 20 IDs we did for the TFX rebrand, a channel for French millennials. [Read more]


SuperEstudio and Bleed VFX Peel Away the 80s for NatGeo

Check this montage of five tasty CG IDs created by the all-Buenos Aires team of SuperEstudio and Bleed VFX as part of a graphic package for a series of Natgeo International documentaries. From Superestudio: “We wanted to communicate the spirit of the Eighties using a Natgeo style, trying to stay away from the [Read more]

Superestudio: Fox Worldwide 2012

Conveying the scope and tone of an ambitious broadcast package in a 2-min montage while maintaining viewer interest presents a serious challenge for any motion studio, especially when potentially momentum-killing programming assets are part of the mix. [Read more]