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Floris+Menno+Mystery+Surrealism = Shortcutz

Amsterdam creative duo Floris Vos and Menno Fokma continue their exploration of CG and live action with these elegant/eccentric black and white category opens for the local Shortcutz film awards, “We created 11 idents in a period of only four weeks so we decided to keep it simple. We came up with a list of metaphors for [Read more]

Time to Enter the 2014 BassAwards

The 2014 BassAwards for Motion Graphics, Animation and Broadcast Design opened for entries Jan 16, with this frenetic/furry head-turner from Nomint and ZeligSound. Enter your most killer work by Feb 18 to snag discounted rates. [Read more]

From Milan to Albuquerque via LeftChannel

Motion 2013, which wrapped a few days ago in Albuquerque, NM, opened with this intricate and light-hearted sequence by Alberto Scirocco and his team at leftchannel.

In the following interview Scirocco reveals his journey from graffiti artist in Milan to US-based motion designer, and why he feels great motion design and an appreciation of fine art go hand-in-hand.

One of your ancestors worked as an architect with Gian Lorenzo Bernini designing St. Peters Square at the Vatican in 1656.

Scirocco: Yes, one of my great grandfathers, Domenico Fontana, helped raise the obelisk in St. Peters Square. As a kid my great uncle would walk me down this big hallway with pictures of my family’s generations of architects. That love of design drove and supported my own artistic pursuits. [Read more]

Cut&Paste / See No Evil London’s Hero

Attention you London design/animation types: Cut&Paste has setup shop in HP’s ZED creative studio with London’s Hero, the animation collaboration with Animade, Blackmeal, Fred & Eric, Golden Wolf, Mummu and Territory. The teams are challenged to collaborate in creating an exquisite-corpse style animation, taking the viewer through the entire life of London’s newest superhero.

The sessions are FREE and open to the public from 12h-17h @ ZED (16-18 Marshall St, Soho). Check the schedule here. [Read more]


For the 2013 edition of the Madrid based typography conference and festival TypoMad, local creative studio Tavo were trusted with creating these stunning and stylish opening titles. From director/designer Tavo Ponce, “Our purpose was to capture as sketching on paper how a typography becomes something solid, all [Read more]

Eoin Duffy Previews “The Missing Scarf”

We’ve been doling out a lot of Stash love for director Eoin Duffy lately (Encounter, The Unconscious Homeless Man, On Departure), and with this latest project our affections have not waned. “The Missing Scarf” premiered this month at the Galway Film Fleadh and grabbed the James Horgan Award for Best Animation – making it eligible for the Academy Awards shortlist.

Look for the online release of the full film later this year, for now enjoy this curious trailer narrated by the dulcet tones of George Takei. [Read more]