Cybin "A New Frontier" Brand Reveal Film by Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

Cybin “A New Frontier” Brand Reveal Film by Tendril

Tendril’s latest adventure in beautiful CG engagement arrives in the form of an announcement for the partnership between psychedelic research company Cybin and neuroimaging innovator Kernel and the goal to “revolutionize mental healthcare”. [Watch]


Best of Stash 2019: Event Films

The creative freedom that comes with creating trailers and titles for design conferences have established these sequences as the genre of choice for visually ambitious directors. Here are seven that kept our optic nerves tingling in 2019. [Watch]

Stash 138 preview | STASH MAGAZINE
OFFF Kyiv 2019 Main Titles by Eugene Pylinsky & Eugene Lekh | STASH MAGAZINE

OFFF Kyiv 2019 Main Titles by Pylinsky & Lekh

The first edition of the OFFF festival in Kyiv, Ukraine opened in grand style last Friday with this formidable CG stunner full of enigmatic space travel visuals from hometown motion duo Eugene Pylinsky and Eugene Lekh. [Watch]