Digital Design Days 2024 | STASH MAGAZINE

Digital Design Days Returns to Milan October 6-8

The one and only Digital Design Days returns to Milan October 6-8, once again becoming the global center of the Digital Design community, connecting creative professionals with innovative brands and the brightest minds in the industry. [Watch]

Duncan Elms and Friends Open Camp Mograph Australia

Duncan Elms, best known as the prolific CD at Elastic in Los Angeles, gathers a troop of 14 collaborators for this elaborate sequence that opened the most recent Camp Mograph, a three-day creative sleep over in the wilds of Brisbane, Australia. [Watch]

Juan Behrens and Kingdom of Something Set the Stage for Digital Design Days 2024 in Milan

The all-Amsterdam team of CD Juan Behrens and studio Kingdom of Something (responsible for this motion frivolity), just dropped the trailer for the 8th edition of Digital Design Days, the much-loved celebration of creativity in Milan. [Watch]

Final Frontier Forever Bold for CLIO Awards 2024 | STASH MAGAZINE

Final Frontier Remains “Forever Bold” for CLIO Awards 2024

Curating a varied collective of animation talent, CD Ralph Karam and the team at Final Frontier interpret facets of the creative process in this multi-technique manifesto film for the 2024 edition of the venerable CLIO Awards. [Watch]

Savants and Not to Scale Open the 1.4 Awards | STASH MAGAZINE

Savants and Not to Scale Open the 1.4 Awards in London

Not to Scale directing collective Savants (aka Rocco Pezzella, Marco Galmacci, and Francesco Castellani) helped the 1.4 Awards celebrate short form directors at the Barbican London on May 1st with this cheeky (and puffy) open. [Watch]

FITC 2024 Titles Alejandro Robledo Mejia | STASH MAGAZINE

Alejandro Robledo Mejia Opens FITC 2024 With Opulent Style

CG/VFX artist and designer Alejandro Robledo Mejia (aka RMA) – whose title credits include the Super Bowl, and several Marvel properties – packs this opening sequence for the FITC 2024 event with lots of shiny symbolism based on the creative process. [Watch]